On-the-go landlording: Top mobile apps for real estate investors

Best mobile apps for landlords
by Brad Cartier, posted in Investment Strategy

As landlords, we are always on the go: Out to meet a new tenant, sign a new lease, fix a lightbulb, meet a contractor, sign mortgage papers, purchase supplies, and the list goes on and on. This is why our technology toolbox is so critical.

If we can automate or make easier just one aspect of our businesses—and real estate investing is certainly that—then we can save both time and money. If you can optimize a significant amount of your business through mobile apps for when you’re on-the-go, even better.

What follows is an overview of all the top mobile apps for real estate investors and landlords that they can benefit from while on the go. Let’s get started.

Apps for landlords #1: Stessa

Stessa is a free mobile app and web application for property investors to manage, monitor, and communicate the performance of real estate assets. The great thing about Stessa is that it was created by real estate investors. 

Stessa allows users to easily keep track of property performance, finances, and the paper trail that comes with real estate investing—in one central place. Using the Stessa mobile app, you can track income, expenses, and provide landlords with dozens of critical investing metrics and tax-ready documentation. 

Get the iOS (4.8 ✩) or Android (5.0 ✩) mobile app if you don’t already have it!

Apps for landlords #2: Zillow Rental Manager

Listing your rental properties across multiple sites can be a pain. Zillow created an app to help with this process called Zillow Rental Manager. Filling vacancies and managing your rental listings is now easier and quicker with this landlord app.

Apps for landlords #3: Thumbtack

There’s always something that needs to be fixed or maintained at rental properties. If you’re doing a lot of the management yourself, this may fall to you most of the time to find a specialized contractor for each job. Thumbtack is a marketplace for handy people who can help with anything from fixing doors, to water damage, to painting, to landscaping, there are professionals on this platform that can help landlords and real estate investors maintain their assets.

Apps for landlords #4: 3D pictures

Mobile apps like Cycloramic and Matterport help turn your phone into a 3D camera. Even before the pandemic, setting yourself apart from other rental listings with panoramic or 3D photos and tours was good practice for landlords. 

These tools allow you to take easy 3D scans of your assets to show potential tenants before they step foot inside. This can also save you time from physically showing your vacant units, especially to tire-kickers.

Apps for landlords #5: Tap Inspect

Tap Inspect is a mobile app for those looking to conduct inspections of properties. The templates in this app make it very easy for landlords to conduct streamlined move-in reports and inspections. 

Apps for landlords #6: Room Planner

Room Planner is an interior design app that landlords can use to help visualize their spaces. This mobile app helps landlords place furniture if needed, change layouts, and visualize actual or planned spaces that they may own or be acquiring.

Apps for landlords #7: MileIQ

As landlords we are always on the go and out on the road. Tracking mileage is a critical part of real estate investing, particularly because it can be a sizeable tax deduction. MileIQ gives you the mobile tools needed to help automate the tracking of mileage and reporting it come tax time.

Final thoughts

Although we own real estate assets, our biggest asset is in fact time. The more productive we can be, the more efficient our businesses will run. Leverage the above mobile apps for landlords to help you gain back some time, save on frustrations, and ultimately run a more efficient business.