Free rent collection with auto-reminders.

You’re in control with Stessa’s fast and easy rent collection service. Automate key tasks like rent reminders, recurring ACH deposits, tenant ledger updates, and bookkeeping. Charge late fees automatically, manually, or not at all.

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recurring ACH deposits

Recurring ACH Deposits

Collect rent without all the conversation

When it comes to rent, ACH payments have many advantages. With no fees, no paper to handle, and the ability to set up monthly recurring payments, landlords using Stessa’s rent collection service can collect rent efficiently.

reminders and late fees

Reminders & Late fees

Let automatic late fees be the “bad cop”

Late fees exist to encourage on-time rent payment and compensate you for delays. But many landlords struggle to collect, which makes them less effective. With Stessa, it’s easy to turn on automatic late fees and restore the proper incentive.

integrated accounting

Integrated Accounting

Balance your books with less hassle

Tracking and logging every rent payment gets tedious when you have multiple properties. Stessa’s accounting tools do the hard work for you by capturing every rent payment and automatically assigning them to the correct property.

Recurring ACH Deposits

Make it easy for tenants to pay on time every time

Experienced landlords know that getting paid on time is half the battle. With Stessa’s online rent collection service, tenants can set up recurring ACH payments—so you never again have to hear someone say, “the check’s in the mail.” Upgrade to a paid Stessa Pro account for even faster ACH delivery.

Reminders and Late Fees

Reclaim valuable time with rent collection on autopilot

Time spent chasing down tenants and reminding them to pay rent is time you can’t spend growing your portfolio. Automatic reminders, late fee controls, and a rent collection dashboard keep things running smoothly with less manual effort.

Integrated Accounting

Your books are up to date the minute rent arrives

When rent collection and your accounting system of record are all in one place, you can rest assured that everything will tie out. Get an instant notification whenever rent is deposited and then log in anytime to check tenant ledgers and run key financial reports.

Safety & Security

Keeping your data safe

Stessa partners with Plaid and Yodlee to help keep landlord and tenant information safe and secure. Multi-layer encryption, strong access controls, and robust security audits work to protect your account 24/7.

See how we protect your data >>

What other landlords say…

“Stessa is even simpler than I could have ever imagined. Most packages are either complex accounting or complex property management, this is a great combination of both but in a simple format.”

Gwynne Wharton

Gwynne Wharton
11 SFR & STR Assets, The Carolinas

“Two thumbs up for Stessa: What-gets-tracked-gets-improved made easy. Transactions download automatically from AppFolio and bank accounts, similar to Hats-off to the reps, who have answered 10+ “hard questions.”

Patrick Perigaud
2 SFR & MF Assets, Ohio & Nevada

Patrick Perigaud

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    Safety and security on Stessa

    Multi-layer encryption, strong access controls, and robust security audits work to protect your account 24/7.

    How we protect your data >

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