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Letter Announcing New Property Manager [Free Template]

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by Jeff Rohde, posted in Investment Strategy

You’ve hired a new property manager and now you need to prepare your tenants.

A letter sent to tenants announcing a new property manager is a key part of helping to ensure a smooth transition to the new manager.

Keep reading to learn what to include in a new property management letter, and get a free copy of a letter announcing a new property manager.

Key takeaways

  • A letter announcing a new property manager is usually sent by the landlord or new property management company to the tenants.
  • The letter should be formal in tone and remind tenants of when the rent is due and how to report a needed repair.
  • Other items in a new property manager letter include contact information for the new management company, process for making rent payments online, and transfer of the tenant security deposit.

What to include in a new property management introduction letter

A letter sent to tenants introducing a new property manager will normally come from the property owner or the new management company. This letter is often presented after the sale of a rental property or if the owner decided to switch management companies.

As a rule of thumb, the new property management letter can be formal in tone, and explain any changes including how monthly rent payments are made and the contact information for maintenance requests. 

By sending an official letter, property owners and managers help reduce the risk of a tenant claiming they didn’t know how and where to pay the rent or report a needed repair. 

A concise letter announcing a new property manager should:

  • Introduce the new property management company, along with the physical and mailing address, phone numbers, and business website.
  • Provide contact information for the individual in charge of the property the tenant is renting, such as a phone number and email address.
  • Assure the tenant that the terms and conditions of the existing ease will be upheld, including the rent payment amount and due date, control of the security deposit, and lease expiration working on laptop
  • Remind the tenant of the monthly rental amount and payment date, methods for paying the rent (such as an online rent payment system), late fees, and notice process if rent is not paid after any grace period ends.
  • Describe the process for submitting maintenance requests, such as an online tenant portal used for asking for repairs 24/7 or a smartphone app used with the property management software.

Example of a new property manager letter

The new property management letter that follows was adapted from a blog post by RentPrep, a tenant screening services and rental background check company used by landlords and property managers. If you’re interested in downloading a customizable template, you can do so here. Take a look at what a property manager letter looks like:




Recently, the owner of the property you are renting has decided to change the property management to MANAGEMENT COMPANY NAME.  

At the direction of the property owner, MANAGEMENT COMPANY NAME will now be handling all aspects of the property you are renting and your lease, including rent collection, repairs and maintenance, enforcement of the terms and conditions of the lease enforcement, security deposit trust account, and all other details concerning the property and your tenancy.  

This letter is to inform you that this change is EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, and explain the changes you should expect, as well as the actions you need to take to ensure your continued tenancy.

  1. Please contact our office at (###) ###-#### immediately.  We need to obtain important information from you regarding your tenancy, such as outstanding maintenance issues.  
  2. Beginning immediately, rent payments are to be made to our company. This includes your current rent and any rent you owe from previous months.
  3. Your lease is still valid and enforced.  This includes late fees, utility payments, and other tenant requirements.  
  4. Online rent payments. [Include how to sign-up for service, whether or not paying rent online is required, and any processing fees charged for using a credit or debit card.]
  5. Mailing a payment. [Include name to make the rent check payable to, mailing address, and whether in-person payments are accepted at the main office.]

We will make every effort to ensure that the transition from one property manager to another is as easy and trouble-free for you as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our main office at (###) ###-#### or by email at

[If a specific individual from the new property management company is responsible for overseeing the property, contact information may be included here.]

Thank You,


Where to find a new property manager letter

The above example of a letter announcing a new property manager can be downloaded in either a Word Doc or Google Docs format using the following links:

This free new property manager letter is fully editable and can be customized for a landlord, property owner, and by rental property type.

Other resources for finding examples of a letter announcing to a tenant that there is a new property manager include:

  • Stessa: New Property Manager Letter Template
  • RentPrep: New Property Manager Introduction Letter to Tenants
  • Rentec Direct: New Property Manager Introduction Letter For Your Renters
  • iPropertyMangement: Letter to Tenant Stating Property is Under New Management
  • LettersPro: Letter Introducing a New Property Manager

Final Thoughts

Sending a letter announcing a new property manager is only one of the many tasks that should be done to help ensure a smooth transition to the new property management company. 

Landlords should also make sure that a termination notice to the old company has been sent, leasing forms have been updated with the name of the new manager, vendors and government authorities have been notified, and a reasonable timeframe is allowed for receiving any funds owed to the new landlord by the old property manager (including the transfer of tenant security deposits).

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