Introducing Documents: Organize all your real estate files on Stessa

Introducing Stessa Documents
by Team Stessa, posted in Stessa News

It’s a fact, real estate investing comes with a lot of paperwork. There’s nothing more frustrating than searching high and low through email attachments for that lease, loan doc, contract or insurance certificate when you’re trying to get something done. 

Having all of your real estate documents at your fingertips makes managing your investments so much simpler. That’s why we’re excited to unveil Documents on Stessa! By popular demand, we’ve designed Documents to give real estate investors one place to easily keep track of, organize, and securely store all of those files.

For those of us with messy files (no judgement), we hope Stessa Documents gives you the much needed motivation to finally get all your docs in order. Imagine how good it will feel when you can cross this off your “to do” list and rest easy knowing that everything is in its place (make Marie Kondo proud 😉 ) and securely backed up. 

Stessa Document for real estate

Documents is available for all Stessa users for free and lets you:  

  • Organize all of your real estate documents in one place at the portfolio and property-level, no more endless searching through email attachments! 
  • Store all types of documents for acquisitions, leases, tenants, mortgages, loans, insurance, contracts, bids and absolutely anything else you want to keep track of
  • Simplify record-keeping across each of your properties with a handy checklist that shows you what’s on file by category
  • Easily share files with partners, brokers, lenders and CPAs
  • Back up your documents so you always have a copy on hand
  • View and download your files from anywhere, whenever you need them
  • Understand what documents to keep on file, and for how long
  • Quickly drag and drop upload all file types
  • Unlimited, secure cloud storage for all of your real estate files

Try uploading a few documents and let us know what you think. We’re excited to hear your feedback at This is just the beginning of Documents on Stessa. We’ve got plans for more exciting and powerful features to streamline your rental investing paper trail. Stay tuned…