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Stessa Android App: Take Your Portfolio Anywhere

Stessa Android App Release
by Devin Redmond, posted in Stessa News

While our iOS app has been available for quite some time, we’re happy to report that Stessa now also fully supports rental property owners on Android devices.

The new Stessa Android app features:

  • Point and click receipt scanning for easy storage and retrieval.
    Receipts are auto-magically read and categorized. No more manual data entry!
  • Automatic mortgage and bank linking for seamless income and expense tracking.
    You’ll no longer have to forward everything to your CPA or maintain cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • Native transaction search and categorization for quick retrieval of key details.
    When multiple years of historical property data is only a swipe away, it’s easy to get back to partners, lenders, or anyone else with quick answers. Just look it up, respond, and you’re done!
  • Real-time financial reporting so you’ll always know your numbers
    Stop wrestling with custom formulas in out-of-date Excel spreadsheets. Let Stessa calculate your valuation, cash-on-cash return, NOI and other key metrics for you.

With Stessa in your pocket everywhere you go, you’ll always have your entire rental property portfolio at your fingertips.

Scan Receipts Effortlessly

Keeping track of paper receipts is a huge hassle for most rental property owners. We know you’d rather spend that time swinging a hammer, scouting new acquisitions, or lounging poolside. That’s why the new Android app features a state-of-the-art receipt scanner front and center.

The app uses your phone’s built-in camera to capture an image of the receipt and then automatically parses it for key pieces of information. Date, vendor name, transaction amount, and category are all included in your newly created transaction. In the event your receipt matches an existing transaction already in your Stessa account, the scanned receipt is automatically merged into the prior transaction to keep things organized.

Get in the habit of scanning every receipt into Stessa and you’ll never again have to rummage through stinky shoe boxes or messy filing cabinets.

Keep Tabs on Transactions in Real-Time & On The Go

As your rental property portfolio grows, it gets exponentially harder to keep track of everything that’s going on. Rents are coming in (and not always on the first of the month), utility bills are getting paid automatically, your lenders are paying property taxes out of escrow, and then maybe you’re auto-transferring whatever’s left to your personal accounts each month.

When your Stessa account is linked to your banks, lenders, and property managers, you can use the Android app to verify all new activity in just seconds. Check in while you’re on the train, waiting in line at the grocery store, or just about anywhere else. Visit your Transactions page and you’ll see the newest income and expense items appear at the top of the screen in real-time.

If the rent isn’t there, you can fire off a quick follow-up to your tenant. If a utility bill seems really high, you can jump on it before next month’s gets away from you too. When you have your data at your fingertips, the opportunities for rapid responses and better investment performance are virtually endless.

Run Accurate Reports on Demand

Traditionally, a lot of DIY real estate investors only ran reports once a year around tax time, or perhaps quarterly if they were really organized. One big advantage of tracking your data in Stessa throughout the year is that you can run instant reports whenever you like.

Stessa’s advanced reporting features are fully supported on the Android app. Whether you use your reports to cross-check your bookkeeping, keep partners and lenders updated, or to make tax time a breeze, you’ll find all the reports you need on the Stessa Android app..

Install the Android App (or iOS)

To get started with the Stessa Android app, just use this link or simply visit the Google Play Store and search for “Stessa.”

Get the Stessa Android App

More support resources can be found at: Android App: Stessa on the Go

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