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Top Facebook Groups for Real Estate Investors [2020 edition]

Best REI Facebook Groups
by Brad Cartier, posted in Stessa News

As real estate investors, we need to constantly improve our knowledge and craft. We do this by joining groups (in-person and virtual), reading books, networking, and following key informational resources like news sites, blogs, and podcasts. 

Every investor has different informational tools in their toolbelt, but at the end of the day, we can all use a couple more. With the rise of social media, key figures in the real estate world are becoming more accessible to all investors around the world, big or small. As such, we wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with our list of the top real estate investing groups you can find today on Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups for Real Estate Investors

  1. Real Estate Rookie (Private, 16,4000 members)

Brought to you by the team over at BiggerPockets, the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group is a podcast and social media group aimed at helping beginner investors.

  1. Real Estate Millionaires (Private, 14,600 members)

Founded by Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini of Keyspire, this group is an online meeting place for over 14,000 real estate investors.

  1. BiggerPockets Fans – Real Estate and Investors (Private, 39,000 members)

A meeting place for seasoned and beginner real estate investors alike. BiggerPockets has an amazing content platform, with mostly free articles and guides, to help investors of any stripe at any level of their investing career.

  1. Real Estate Investors Group (Private, 131,000 members)

A great resource for investors looking for real estate industry news, deal flow, ideas, and events.

  1. Private Money for Real Estate Investors (Private, 22,000)

A group dedicated to the topic of private lending. If you are interested in lending privately, or using private financing, this is a great resource to check out. Remember, private loans can be risky, so do your due diligence and legal work before entering into any deal.

  1. RETipster (Public, 4,000 members)

A community of investors that offer real-world guidance for a transparent look at how you can begin to make money with real estate.

  1. Coach Carson (Public, 6,000 members)

Someone who keeps popping up again and again is Coach Carson. His Facebook group is dedicated to helping real estate investors at all stages of career development win with real estate investing.

  1. Real Estate Success Principles (Private, 19,000 members)

Hosted by the awesome Ben Kinney, the Real Estate Success Principles group is dedicated to agents and shares ideas, strategies, scripts, and systems. Not necessarily for investors per se, this real estate group provides excellent market insight and is a great way to network with local agents.

We’ll continue to update and add to this list into 2021 and beyond, so please respond or write in with suggestions!

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