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New in Stessa: Better Sharing, Short-Term Rentals, & More

by Devin Redmond, posted in Stessa News

If you haven’t logged into your Stessa account recently, you’re missing out on some great new features! Here’s what’s new in the last few weeks…

  1. Due to popular demand, you can now share your Transactions page with partners, which includes the ability to manage rights to edit, categorize, and assign properties. Say goodbye to your shared Google Sheets!
  2. Short term rental owners now have a more intuitive rent roll design and a user-friendly Airbnb file uploader to capture, analyze, and report financial results for your vacation rentals. Check out the new toggle on your Stessa Rent Roll to see how it works.
  3. The dashboards have been re-organized with an easy drop-down menu for quickly switching between Properties and Portfolios. All dashboards now also include dynamic Net Cash Flow charts at both the Property and Portfolio levels for quick comparisons of actual results versus pro forma budgets.
  4. We’ve also made improvements to the CSV and QIF file uploader to allow you to designate exact match categories for each income and expense line item. Just include a “Category” column in your data file and voilà, your imported data will flow into your Stessa account already categorized.
  5. Last but not least, the Stessa iOS app receipt scanner is now more accurate, while categorizing transactions on the go is faster than ever. If you haven’t yet tried using the iOS app to keep track of receipts, give it a try.

More new features are in the pipeline and will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Thanks for investing your time and trust in Stessa and please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

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