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Macro economics putting downward pressure on housing prices

Macro economics putting downward pressure on housing prices
by Team Stessa, posted in Newsletter

The Stessa Weekly Newsletter is hand-curated every week to bring you insightful accounts of new features, investing tips, business insights and market trends from the real estate ecosystem. This week brings you macroeconomic conditions that are putting downward pressures on home prices, the best 2017 growth markets in residential real estate, how SF saved its public housing, and the latest updates on Redfin IPO.

Market Trends

Eric Basmajian of EPB Macro Research explains the macroeconomic conditions that will put downward pressures on home prices in a series of graphs and commentary. AssetRover shares with us the best 2017 growth markets in residential real estate. Learn about the right place to invest your money, market selection, and growth markets to highly consider.

Around the US

Brenda Wong of Mansion Global takes a look at U.S. states with the lowest effective property taxes by considering factors such as exemptions and assessment ratios.

Josh Barbanel of the WSJ examines the Manhattan apartment market as sales increased more than 20% in the second quarter. Prices are rising to new records, but analysts warn the surge that followed last year’s presidential election might already be fading due to the low number of signed contracts.

Gail MarksJarvis of The Chicago Tribune says Chicago-area home sales are losing momentum compared to a just few months ago when the metro area was posting double-digit sales increase.

Ethan Epstein of Politico reveals how San Francisco strategically saved its public housing by simply getting rid of it.

James Briggs of Indystar discusses how the Central Indiana housing market just keeps going up as there are too few houses for sale.

Patrick Clark of Bloomberg Business shares that out-of-town investors are dominating Detroit, Memphis and other distressed housing markets.

#PropTech Update

Equity Analyst Michael W Byrne shares why the Redfin IPO offers investors growth in an industry ripe for disruption.

George Avalos of the San Jose Mercury News covers Google’s real estate buying spree.

Ben Lane of Housingwire reports RealtyShares buys Acquire Real Estate, its innovative rival. RealtyShares and Acquire both share a vision that technology will make real estate investing easier and more accessible, uniting bold thinkers to set an innovative tone for the industry.

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