Scan property receipts on-the-go with the Stessa iOS app

Stessa iOS App Announcement
by Devin Redmond, posted in Stessa News

At Stessa, our goal is to make tracking the performance of your rental properties easier than ever before. That’s why we’ve added real-time receipt scanning with automatic tax-ready real estate categorization to the Stessa mobile app for iOS.

All receipts and invoices scanned with the mobile app are also available on the online platform and vice-versa, so you always have a complete picture of your property expenses. Stessa’s machine learning algorithm reads all the details and organizes everything for you. All your transaction details are stored in the cloud with bank-grade security, so everything is always accessible and available during tax time or for audit purposes. 

Scan Rental Property Receipts iOS App

The Stessa mobile app uses the latest in document scanning technology to give you a fast, accurate, and flexible experience that’s built for property investors. Key features include:

Smart Scanning – Just turn on the camera, and Stessa will intelligently find your receipt or invoice, detect edges, crop the document, and save a clean view eliminating background noise.

Distortion & Perspective Correction – If the receipt or invoice is skewed or at an angle, we’ll fix it automatically.

Image Optimization – Stessa compresses the receipt image to ensure it uploads to the cloud as quickly as possible via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Optical Character Recognition – OCR extracts the name, date, and amount from your receipt and automatically creates a transaction with these details.

Automatic Tax Categorization for Real Estate – The machine learning algorithm automatically categorizes each new transaction into tax-ready real estate categories.

Modify Existing Transactions – Upload an existing image (from system camera or camera roll) and attach it to a previously created transaction in Stessa.

Secure Archive – Store every receipt in the cloud for easy reference and audit purposes.

Download the iOS App >

The Stessa app is currently available for iOS only. We plan to introduce an Android app in the future.