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13 top-rated rental property management apps for landlords

Top-rated rental property management apps for landlords
by Brad Cartier, posted in Investment Strategy

Landlords are always searching for ways to maximize returns, minimize busywork, and increase potential profits. That’s why rental property management apps can be so beneficial.

Full-suite property management apps could be ideal if you need an all-in-one solution. They offer a range of features like tenant screening, lease signing, financial reporting, and landlord banking in one platform.

If you’re unsure how much rent to charge for your property, let rent estimating apps come to your rescue. They can provide market trends and comparable rents in your area to help you set the right price.

What if you’re struggling to fill a vacant property? There are apps dedicated to listing rental properties. You can advertise your property to a broad audience and find the perfect tenant.

Then, once you have your tenants, perhaps you’d like to save time and streamline rent collection. You guessed it; there are apps for that, too. Rent collection apps make tracking payments and sending reminders easy, ensuring you receive rent on time.

This guide shares 13 of the top-rated rental property management apps landlords should consider using:

  1. Stessa
  2. Buildium
  3. Landlordy
  4. Landlord Studio
  6. RentCast
  7. Rentometer
  10. Zillow Rental Manager
  11. PayYourRent
  12. Rent Manager
  13. RentRedi

We’ve sorted these apps by category: full-suite property management, rent estimates, property listings, and rent collection. We also break down the details of each app, including key features, pricing, pros and cons, and App Store ratings. This way, you’re equipped with the information you need to choose the right tools for managing your properties effectively. 

Full-suite property management apps


Stessa is a digital platform for property investors to manage, monitor, and communicate the performance of real estate assets. Created by real estate investors, Stessa allows users to easily keep track of property performance, finances, and the paper trail that comes with real estate investing—in one central place.

Stessa tracks income and expenses while providing investors with dozens of critical investing metrics and tax-ready documentation.

Besides having a free plan with the basic features landlords look for, Stessa offers several innovative solutions for landlords who want a tool that moves beyond simple accounting inputs and outputs. For instance, Stessa offers real-time receipt scanning with automatic tax-ready real estate categorization on its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Receipts and invoices scanned with the Stessa app are also available on Stessa’s online platform, and vice versa, so you always have a complete picture of your property expenses. Stessa’s machine learning and OCR technologies parse all the details and organize the information. All transaction details get stored in the cloud securely, so everything is immediately accessible and available during tax time or for audit purposes.

Additionally, you can now make it easy for tenants to pay on time using Stessa’s online rent collection feature. This feature lets you automate essential tasks like deposits, receipts, and accounting. Automated reminders and recurring payments simplify your life even further.

Stessa also offers high-yield bank accounts built for landlords. You can manage your finances efficiently while optimizing the value of your real estate assets. Open as many accounts as you need and link each to a unique property in your portfolio. 

Other landlord banking benefits include automated rent collection reminders, physical or virtual debit cards for easy payments, and reliable data synchronization with other accounting features. There are no minimum balance requirements, no fees for bounced checks, and no monthly maintenance fees, making it a cost-effective solution for easier accounting and a smoother tax season.

With Stessa, you also gain vacancy marketing and integrated tenant screening to help you make informed decisions about prospective tenants. This feature offers a detailed screening process, with a full credit report, background check, and more, putting all the necessary information about prospective tenants at your fingertips. You can also add income verification or judgment and liens to your screening options.


Designed to improve the profitability of residential rental properties and automate routine tasks, Stessa helps eliminate time-consuming manual work.

Asset management

  • Unlimited property and property manager connections
  • Unlimited real estate document and receipt storage
  • Option to share with business partners or other stakeholders
  • Portfolios for organizing and managing unlimited properties
  • Centralized dashboard with key performance metrics

Bookkeeping and accounting

  • Option for manual expense tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Automated bank feeds are unlimited
  • Smart receipt scanning
  • Budgeting and pro forma analysis
  • Project expense tracking

Reporting and taxes

  • Full data export to Excel
  • Basic and advanced reporting, including an SREO (schedule of real estate owned), Balance Sheet, etc.
  • CapEx and Schedule E packages for your accountant


  • FDIC insured up to $2.5M/entity
  • No minimum balance
  • 1.1% cash back on purchases
  • High yield cash management APY

Online rent collection

  • Online deposits and rent collection
  • Automated reminders and late fees
  • Tenant expense charging
  • Tenant autopay
  • Tenant ledger and rent roll
  • Accelerated rent payments

Document management

  • Unlimited document storage
  • eSignatures
  • 60+ real estate forms and landlord templates

Vacancy Marketing and Tenant screening

  • Publish a vacancy across a syndication of sites
  • Application management
  • Credit checks
  • Background screening
  • Tenant pays the screening fee

Phone with Stessa mobile app


Stessa’s tiered pricing structure is designed to accommodate the diverse requirements and budgets of residential rental property owners:

($12/mo when paid annually)
($28/mo when paid annually)
Track propertiesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
DashboardsKey metrics onlyKey metrics onlyFull chart history
Property manager connectionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Document & receipt storageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Organize & manage portfolios11Unlimited
Shared account accessYesYesAdvanced ownership metrics
Advanced transaction trackingNoNoYes
Smart receipt scanning5/month5/monthUnlimited
Manual expense trackingYesYesYes
Automated bank feedsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Budgeting & pro-forma analysisNoNoYes
Project expense trackingNo No
Reporting levelBasicBasic
Full data exportYesYesYes
Accountant tax packageBasicPlus Schedule EPlus CapEx
High yield Cash Management3.14% APY*3.14% APY*5.09% APY*
FDIC insured up to $2.5M/entityYesYesYes
No minimum balanceYesYesYes
1.1% cash back on purchasesYesYesYes
Accelerated rent paymentsNoComing SoonYes
Automated reminders and late feesYesYesYes
Tenant autopayYesYesYes
Tenant ledger and rent rollYesYesYes
Tenant ACH fee waivedNoNoYes
Vacancy advertisingYesYesYes
Syndication to ZillowYesYesYes
Tenant applications & screeningYesYesYes
Lease templateNoYesYes
eSign leases, contracts, etc.No1/month7/month
60+ Forms and templatesNoYesYes
Basic supportYesYesYes
Priority chat supportNoYesYes
Live phone supportNoNoYes
Get StartedGet StartedGet Started

You can always start with the Essentials plan and upgrade to a paid plan as your portfolio expands and your needs evolve.


Users praise the usefulness of Stessa’s app, particularly for those new to property management. They appreciate how its simple yet comprehensive accounting tool and intuitive platform facilitate rental property finances, making it easier for landlords and property managers to stay organized.

The app also features a robust metrics dashboard, providing valuable insights into investment performance. Stessa users highlight the app’s easy tax season preparation and bank-grade security measures as significant advantages.

However, some users report being frustrated with the way the paid plans were introduced, which required a period of adjustment for some existing customers. Others claim that Stessa’s mobile app functionality is somewhat limited compared to the online web-based platform, suggesting some features are not yet at full parity on the mobile apps.

App Store rating

4.8 stars/4,400 reviews as of February 20, 2024

Go here to create a free Stessa account.



Buildium is a solid property management software that offers a streamlined, unified system for managing properties. Whether you oversee single-family, multifamily, association, or commercial properties, Buildium has you covered. The platform, designed to support property managers in their daily operations and business growth, allows you to focus more on building your business than on tedious tasks.


  • All asset types supported, including single and multifamily, associations, and commercial properties
  • No minimum unit count with flexible and transparent pricing (pay for only what’s needed)
  • Marketing tools to boost your brand and attract residents and clients through a free property management website
  • Integrated leasing process, bringing your entire lead-to-lease cycle online
  • Automated bookkeeping, collections, and payments, focusing on crucial financial aspects
  • Powerful analytics and insights for making informed decisions in real time 
  • Various tools and features to streamline resident and board communication, maintenance requests, payment tracking, property inspections, and violation tracking


Buildium offers 3 distinct pricing plans to cater to varying property management needs. Each plan accommodates different business scales and growth trajectories:

  • Essential: Starting at $55 per month, this plan is best for users wanting to automate routine property management tasks and operate their business from a central platform.
  • Growth: Starting at $174 per month, this plan is for users keen on expanding their business. It has all the Essential plan features, plus offers support and insights for improved performance.
  • Premium: Starting at $375 per month, the Premium plan provides a solid foundation for scaling business. It has all the Growth plan features and includes open API and insights-to-action capabilities.

Test the platform with a free 14-day trial using sample data to simulate real-world tasks. For managing community associations or portfolios with over 5,000 units, Buildium offers custom pricing. You can customize each pricing plan with additional features and services for an extra fee.


Among the pros, users like Buildium’s user-friendly interface, finding it easy to navigate and train others, including tenants. Users also compliment the software on its intuitive and simple process flow.

On the flip side, some users point out that the website is limited in customization. Others find the accounting and reports lacking and have complained about the file management system, which some users say is difficult to use.

Another drawback to consider is pricing. While Buildium has a plan starting at $55 per month, landlords seeking a cost-effective solution might find Stessa more appealing.

App Store rating 

4.7 stars/3,000 reviews as of January 12, 2024



Landlordy is a property management app specifically designed for landlords managing small portfolios. This smartphone app helps you stay organized and efficient, providing a range of features from tracking rent payments to scheduling maintenance reminders.


  • Tracks rent payments and maintains a detailed tenant balance and payment history
  • Organizes expenses with digital expense receipts
  • Manages service records and schedules reminders for upcoming appliance safety checks and maintenance tasks
  • Stores information about properties, tenants, and rental fees, including notes, dates, contact information, and related documents
  • Generates instant financial reports on rental income and expenses


Landlordy operates on a freemium model, offering basic functionality in its free version with limitations on the number of rental properties, tenant leases, and expense and payment records.

To extend these limits and access premium features like data backup/restore and personalization, users can opt to pay a one-time fee for the Mini ($14.99), Plus ($49.99), or Pro ($99.99) editions.


Users praise Landlordy’s simplicity and appreciate the user-friendly interface that makes rental property management easy. The app covers a broad spectrum of property management needs, including rent tracking, expense management, invoice creation, and financial reporting.

However, some users have requested the ability to scan and upload or attach pictures of checks, which is currently unavailable. Other users would like to see utility bill/payment integration.

App Store rating

4.7 stars/1,910 reviews as of January 12, 2024


Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio is a property management app designed to streamline all aspects of rental management. The app’s features include automated rental accounting, tenant screening, and a dashboard view of key investing metrics. With its cloud storage for essential documents and online rent collection, it’s a one-stop solution for landlords.


  • Rental accounting automates rental income and expense management
  • Property maintenance feature addresses requests promptly
  • Tax reporting with industry-specific reports and Schedule E
  • Online rent collection feature posts automatic rent transactions directly into the landlord’s bank account


  • GO plan: Free for the first 3 units, this plan offers manual income expense tracking, online rent collection, maintenance tracking, and basic reports.
  • PRO plan: Priced at $15/month (or $12/month when billed annually) for 3 units, this plan has advanced features, such as multi-user access, automated reminders and bank feeds, recurring expenses, unlimited storage for receipts and documents, advanced reports, Xero integration, full data export, and more. Each additional unit managed on the platform after the first 3 increases the price by $1/month/unit.

Both plans come with a free 14-day trial.


Users applaud Landlord Studio’s ability to meticulously track rental income, expenses, and mileage, making it a robust tool for financial management. They also cite the app’s capacity to store vital documents and send automated reminders as especially beneficial.

However, some users express dissatisfaction with the app’s tech support. Additionally, while the app does facilitate online rent collection, users claim the absence of an integrated online payment platform is a disadvantage.

App Store rating 

4.7 stars/503 reviews as of January 12, 2024


Rent estimates is a dynamic platform designed primarily to give landlords and property managers accurate rent estimates. While its central feature is the sophisticated rent estimation tool, the app also incorporates a broad spectrum of additional features that support various facets of property management.


  • Provides an estimated rental price based on the specific details of a property and its location
  • Real-time rental comparisons of similar nearby rental properties
  • Free to use
  • Variety of solutions to maximize a listing’s exposure across multiple platforms, increasing the likelihood of finding tenants

Pricing is free.


On the positive side, users appreciate the platform’s user-friendly interface. However, others suggest the interface can feel outdated, which may affect the overall user experience.

Other drawbacks users report include a glitchy website, sometimes unresponsive support, and limited types of listings on the site. 

App Store rating has no mobile app. 



RentCast is another platform that aids real estate investors and property managers with rent estimating services. The website provides valuable insights and data, helping you find new investment opportunities and manage your rental portfolios effectively.


  • Searches rent prices and comps for any property in the U.S.
  • Provides detailed market statistics, average rents, market composition, and historical trends for a comprehensive market analysis
  • Shows nearby rental comps, highlighting the competition
  • Add rental properties and set up rent alerts to reveal opportunities for rent increases
  • Analyzes new rental markets and potential investment properties via research tools


  • Free plan: This plan offers nationwide rent prices and five (5) nearby rental comps, providing basic insights into the rental market.
  • Pro plan: Priced at $19/month (or $12/month with annual billing), this plan includes nationwide rent prices and twenty (20) nearby rental comps, expanding the scope for comparison and analysis. The Pro plan includes a 14-day free trial and 4 months free with annual billing.


Users cite RentCast’s ability to provide actionable rental data in seconds, including relatively accurate rent estimates, as a significant advantage. They also share that the platform offers valuable insights for investors and property managers looking to grow their rental portfolios.

However, some users indicate that data accuracy depends on the scope and quality of the market data. So, in areas where RentCast may lack access to comprehensive data, the accuracy of rent estimates could be compromised.

App Store rating 

RentCast doesn’t have a mobile app. 



Rentometer offers an easy way to compare your rent with other properties based on address, neighborhood, zip code, or city. The platform stands out for its ability to collect millions of rent comps, saving you the time and effort of searching for this data.


  • Instant rent analysis provides complete rent data for informed pricing
  • Detailed comparative rent report generation
  • Millions of rent comps available
  • Gross potential rent (GPR) calculator for estimating maximum potential rental income


Rentometer offers several pricing plans tailored to fit various needs:

  • Free trial: This free plan provides 7 days of access. It includes QuickViews for a summary of rent prices and five (5) Pro Reports for a complete rent analysis.
  • Monthly: For $29/month, access QuickViews for rent price summaries and get ten (10) Pro Reports. 
  • Basic: Priced at $79, this plan offers 1 year of access and includes QuickViews and ten (10) Pro Reports.
  • Pro: This plan costs $199 for 1 year of access and comes with QuickViews, 200 Pro Reports, and additional benefits like Rentometer tools, Rentometer API, and 1,000 free credits required for API and tools. 


On the plus side, Rentometer offers a wealth of data and provides helpful visual aids to compare your rent with similar listings nearby. Users value its detailed reports on price per square foot and local rental comps.

As for the platform’s drawbacks, Rentometer’s accuracy is only as good as the data added to it. For example, the accuracy may vary where zip codes cover smaller geographical regions or in areas with limited data.

App Store rating

Rentometer has no mobile app. 


Listing vacant properties is a robust platform primarily aimed at assisting property owners and managers in showcasing vacant properties to a vast pool of potential renters. While its core functionality revolves around property listings, it also offers several additional features, such as maintenance organization, rent collection, and tenant application management, helping streamline the rental process.


  • Exposure to millions of renters on sites like and
  • Detailed property descriptions highlighting unique features and local amenities
  • Free rent comparison reports for competitive pricing
  • Quick and easy property listing process
  • Option to refresh or edit property listings
  • Enhancements available for higher visibility in search results
  • Premium listing option for additional exposure
  • Resources for comprehensive property management post-listing


Most of’s services are free, making it a cost-effective solution for property owners and managers. The platform allows free listing of properties, providing exposure to millions of potential renters.

For enhanced reach and impact, there’s a Premium listing option. According to the company’s website, this paid upgrade provides four times more search impressions and renter views and generates 20% more high-quality leads. The cost of a Premium listing varies, depending on the state and market, and lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Pros/Cons lets users post detailed property information through high-resolution photos, HD videos, and even 3D tours for some listings, helping them attract more potential renters. Furthermore, provides real-time data on availability, rent ranges, and specials, which is a significant draw for renters seeking the latest deals.

However, users note that the app’s navigation could use enhancement for a smoother browsing experience. Inaccurate data or low-quality photos in some listings have also been a cause for concern. Some users express the need for better integration of transportation options, such as accurate bus and metro lines.

App Store rating

4.8 stars/351,000 reviews as of January 12, 2024, in partnership with Avail, is dedicated to listing vacant properties and providing an array of property management services. The platform focuses on simplifying the process of creating, customizing, and publishing listings while offering tools to make rental management more efficient.


  • Publishes listings to top rental sites, including and Zumper
  • Finds qualified tenants with pre-screening and instant credit and background checks
  • Manage leads, schedule showings, and communicate with potential renters
  • Rent price suggestions based on market trends and data for setting competitive rent prices
  • Access online leases with detailed templates for customization and send to tenants for digital signing
  • Schedule and collect rent payments online, allowing direct deposit into landlord’s bank account

Pricing is free to use.


Users praise’s comprehensive features, including an interactive map, detailed property information, 3D home tours, and timely home alerts based on saved searches.

However, some users mention issues with mobile homes appearing as single-family houses in the listings. Another concern users raise is the limited search options for specific requirements, such as pet-friendly properties or desired floor units.

App Store rating

No mobile app is available for rental listings through Avail


Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow Rental Manager is a user-friendly app designed to make listing vacant properties and managing rental properties easier. With a fast interface, it offers a wide range of features to support landlords in their property management tasks.


  • Free property listing on Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads
  • Integrated messaging for smooth communication and tenant screening 
  • Online rental applications, including credit reports, background checks, eviction history, and income verification for thorough tenant vetting
  • Convenient creation and online signing of rental leases 
  • Direct collection of rent payments into the landlord’s bank account 
  • Option to upgrade to a premium listing for increased exposure


While Zillow Rental Manager is free, landlords can upgrade their properties to a premium listing experience for a one-time fee of $29.99. This premium upgrade lasts up to 90 days and has numerous benefits, including increased exposure, access to pricing and market insights, and customized listing recommendations.


The app’s integration with Zillow 3D Home allows users to add unlimited photos to their listings. Users also get upfront information about rental applicants, including income and credit score, which aids tenant screening. Instant notifications enable landlords to communicate efficiently with renters directly within the app. 

On the downside, the app currently can’t reject or archive applications, leading to potential clutter and confusion. Users also can’t search messages by name, email, phone, or content, which could hinder efficient communication. There’s also no option to add post-dated tours to notes, potentially causing scheduling conflicts. 

App Store rating

4.6 stars/10,100 reviews as of January 12, 2024


Rent collection


The PayYourRent app is a comprehensive rental management solution known for its efficient rent collection capabilities. While its primary function is to streamline rent payments, it also offers several other features to facilitate seamless property management.


  • Online acceptance of rent payments via ACH, credit, and debit cards
  • Same-day processing of rent payments and same-night deposits into the landlord’s bank account
  • Mobile app allows residents to make rental payments, view rent reporting, and connect utilities
  • Integration with accounting software for easy bank reconciliation
  • Submission of rental applications
  • Management of maintenance requests
  • Resident screening services


PayYourRent offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Rental Plan: Priced at $9.95/month for 1 to 5 units, this plan includes core features, same-day payment processing, and one ACH transaction per month, with additional ACH transactions costing $2.50 each. Credit card payment fees are 2.95% + $0.20 per transaction (Amex card payments are slightly higher at 3.25% + $0.20 per transaction).
  • Landlord Plan: This plan for larger property portfolios of 6 to 50 units is $19.95/month. In addition to the features of the Rental Plan, it increases the included ACH transactions to 10 per month and costs the same for additional transactions and credit card payments as the Rental Plan. 
  • Corporate Plan: For entities managing over 50 units, the Corporate Plan is available at no monthly cost. It comes with no setup or PCI compliance fees. The ACH fee under this plan varies and requires contacting PayYourRent directly. Features and credit card payment fees remain the same as the other plans.


On the plus side, PayYourRent allows tenants to pay their rent from anywhere, anytime. Its features, such as one-time or recurring payments by electronic check or credit card, add to its ease of use. Additionally, users can view invoices and payment history and submit maintenance requests directly from the app.

However, the app has faced criticism for its limited user capability and the difficulties when making partial payments. One significant issue users consistently report is incorrect invoicing. Some users also claim the app’s formatting is distracting and detrimental to their overall experience.

App Store rating

2.5 stars/20 reviews as of January 12, 2024


Rent Manager

The Rent Manager app is a property management software solution primarily designed for efficient rent collection. However, its functionality extends far beyond this, offering a comprehensive suite of features that assist with accounting, reporting, marketing and leasing, and maintenance requests and inspections.


  • Real-time processing of credit card and check payments
  • Cash Pay feature for tenants to electronically pay rent from CheckFreePay locations nationwide
  • User-friendly check scanner for processing check payments, with an alternative option of outsourcing check scanning through Lockbox
  • No Cost AvidPay, powered by AvidXchange, for faster and more flexible direct deposit payments to suppliers
  • Comprehensive check tracking system, enabling users to write and print checks to vendors, tenants, prospects, and owners directly from the software


Rent Manager offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic: Costs $1.00/unit per month, with a $200 monthly minimum and one-time implementation fee, the Basic plan provides unlimited user access and features Rent Manager Online, a complete accounting system, work order management, marketing and leasing tools, and online portals for owners, tenants, and prospects.
  • Plus: Priced at $1.50/unit per month, the Plus Plan has a monthly minimum of $300 and a one-time implementation fee. It includes all the Basic plan’s features, resident screenings, renters insurance and compliance tracking, no-cost vendor payments, and a call center feature.
  • Premium: For $2.25/unit per month, the Premium Plan has a monthly minimum of $450 plus the one-time implementation fee. Along with all the features of the other plans, it includes 2-way texting, phone broadcast, the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app, bank syncing, video inspections, API access, and customer success team support.


Users appreciate Rent Manager’s efficiency in managing properties on the go. The app also provides sleek and intuitive navigation and is fully integrated with the Rent Manager database, allowing for easy reviewing and updating of prospect, tenant, owner, and vendor information. It facilitates the tracking and processing of tenant payments and effectively handles violations by seamlessly adding new ones and escalating existing ones.

However, users point out a few areas where the app could improve. They report a need for updates in editing contact information and adding assets through the app. Some users find the user interface isn’t intuitive and the processes complex. There have also been complaints about the required manual import and categorization of transactions from the bank.

App Store rating 

2.6 stars/81 reviews



RentRedi is a rent collection app that helps streamline the rental management process. While its core function is to facilitate rent collection, it also provides many additional features, such as tenant screening, marketing and listing vacant properties, handling pre-qualifications and applications, and coordinating maintenance requests.


  • Multiple payment options, including ACH, bank transfers, credit cards, and cash
  • Quick receipt of payments within 4–5 business days
  • Option for setting up recurring payment schedules and automatic late fees
  • Acceptance of cash rent payments through Chime account deposit at over 90,000 retail locations, providing added convenience for tenants
  • Capability to export rent payments directly to spreadsheets and QuickBooks Online for easy financial management


RentRedi offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Monthly: Priced at $19.95/month, this plan operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, renewing each month. Key features include unlimited properties and tenants, rent collection through several methods (ACH, cash, or credit card payments), an option to block partial payments, links to multiple bank accounts, and property management tools.
  • 6 Months: For $15/month (an annual savings of $60), this plan includes all the features of the Monthly plan and renews every 6 months.
  • Annual: The Annual plan costs $9/month, a savings of $132 annually compared to the Monthly plan. It includes the same extensive features as the other plans.


The RentRedi owner and tenant apps both have strengths and areas for improvement.

RentRedi owner app

Pros: Users praise the app for its exceptional customer service, which they describe as exceeding expectations. The ability to manage properties remotely, even from out of state, is highly appreciated by landlords and property managers.

Cons: Despite many positive reviews, some users report issues with payment gateways, lost money, and payment processing.

RentRedi tenant app

Pros: The RentRedi tenant app gets rave reviews for its tools, and it’s recommended by BiggerPockets, a prominent real estate investing social network and news outlet.

Cons: Some users raise concerns about the app selling user data, which could potentially infringe on privacy expectations. Users also report issues and bugs related to the autopay feature, inconveniencing tenants trying to make payments.

App Store rating

  • RentRedi owner app: 4.0 stars/180 reviews as of January 12, 2024
  • RentRedi tenant app: 4.7 stars/5,400 reviews as of January 12, 2024


Check out Stessa’s app for better rental property management

Any of these rental property management applications can potentially ease your workload as a landlord, with a wide range of features designed to simplify your daily responsibilities.

As a comprehensive rental property management platform, Stessa stands out. It brings automated accounting, real-time dashboards, tenant screening, and rent collection together under one roof. Stessa is more than a tool – it’s a reliable partner proven to help landlords save time and money. Investors report saving up to $4,000 and 100+ hours annually using the platform.

With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Stessa may be the ideal solution for you. Set up your free account today to discover how Stessa can optimize your rental property management operations.

Mobile App


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