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Top Twitter Accounts For Real Estate Investors to Follow

Best real estate Twitter accounts
by Guest Author, posted in Stessa News

If you’re a real estate investor with a Twitter account, you’ve got a plethora of fantastic resources at your fingertips. Whether you’re just starting out or already an investing pro, following these Twitter accounts will help you stay on top of the latest real estate news, trends, helpful tips and conversations. This list focuses on top brands on Twitter, but we do have a different list that focuses on individual influencers.

Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide is a popular resource for those looking to find their next apartment to rent. They have a robust blog where they share content to help apartment hunters get to know their new city and search for apartment listings, as well as tips to get the most out of apartment living.  

Why should investors follow @ApartmentGuide on Twitter? It’s a perfect place to glean insight into the latest apartment living trends & find out where the hottest cities for apartment living — as well as learn what renters are really looking for in their next home so landlords such as yourself can stay competitive in the market.

Twitter Handle: @apartmentguide

Bigger Pockets 

Unless you’re brand new to real estate investing, you’ve probably heard of this next must-follow Twitter account.  Bigger Pockets is a large community of over 1,300,000 members, that helps investors avoid common mistakes, learn valuable tips, find partners, deals, and financing—and generally make the best investing decisions possible.

Bigger Pockets is very active on Twitter, with daily tweets to help real estate investors learn the ropes, stay on top of the latest trends, and engage with industry experts. Regardless of your experience level in real estate, @BiggerPockets has something for everyone. 

Twitter Handle: @BiggerPockets


Curbed, now part of New York Magazine, is an American real estate and urban design blog network. In their own words, “Curbed is on a mission to advocate for the places where people live by celebrating, chronicling, and explaining everything you need to know about homes, neighborhoods, and cities.”

Another active Twitter account, @Curbed is full of valuable real estate news, tips, and trends. Want local content? Not a problem. Curbed has dedicated Twitter handles for several popular cities:

Twitter Handle:  @Curbed


Next on our list is HousingWire. This trusted source of news and information on the U.S. mortgage and housing markets has a very active and engaging presence on Twitter. 

Follow @HousingWire for the latest real estate news, commentary, and analysis covering the entire mortgage, real estate, and housing industries. Their experienced journalists and editors provide a plethora of content on a daily basis. 

Twitter Handle: @HousingWire

Inman News

Inman News is one of the leading sources of real estate information. With award-winning journalism, they are a trusted site for accurate, innovative, and timely information on a variety of topics.

The @InmanNews Twitter feed has everything a good real estate investor would need. You’ll find the latest news, insightful opinion pieces, and the latest in real estate tech. And, they tweet each hour, so you’ll never miss a headline. 

Twitter Handle: @InmanNews

National Association of Home Builders 

What’s the current state of affairs for new home builds? National Association of Home Builders is where you’ll find the answer. 

Follow @NAHBHome to stay up-to-date on new home sales, access the latest data, and learn about fluctuations in housing demand and prices.

Twitter Handle: @NAHBHome

NYT Real Estate 

It’s the New York Times, what more can we say? If you’re a real estate investor, no matter where you invest, you’ll want to know what’s going on in the New York real estate market as a proxy for most cities across the country.

Following @nytrealestate on Twitter will give you insight into everything real estate in NYC. They tweet about technology, listings, news, and advice for city living that can certainly inform your own urban investing strategy.

Twitter Handle: @nytrealestate


Our friends at Rentometer help real estate investors find out the “going rents,” aka market rent rates and data, anywhere in the U.S. Obviously this is an extremely useful tool for investors to avoid vacancies, unnecessary losses, increase ROI, et cetera.

@Rentometer’s feed on Twitter is full of practical advice and tips to help both new and novice real estate investors navigate the rental property world. You’ll find fresh takes on rental housing topics, services, and technology.

Twitter Handle: @Rentometer


If you’re not already following us, what are you waiting for?!? We share all things real estate investing from @StessaHQ. We post daily tweets with real estate investing tips, advice, and original, high-quality content.

Looking for more real estate investing Twitter handles to follow? We’ve got a great list of real estate investing influencers to start following today.

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