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Top Twitter Influencers Every Real Estate Investor Should Follow [2020 edition]

Top Twitter Influencers Every Real Estate Investor Should Follow [2020 edition]
by Brad Cartier, posted in Investment Strategy

As real estate investors, we need to constantly improve our knowledge and craft. We do this by joining groups (in-person and virtual), reading books, networking, and following key informational resources like news sites, blogs, and podcasts.

Every investor has different informational tools in their toolbelt, but at the end of the day, we can all use a couple more. With the rise of influencer marketing, key figures in the real estate world are becoming more accessible than others to us mom-and-pop investors. As such, we wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with our list of the top real estate investing influencers you can find today on Twitter. If you follow us on Twitter (@StessaHQ) you can access this entire list here.

Real estate investor Twitter influencers

Chad Coach Carson (@CoachChadCarson: Chad is an author, Bigger Pockets contributor, and blogger over at Coach Carson.

James Dearsley (@jamesdearsley): Co-founder of proptech platform Unissu, and a frequent commentator on all things real estate and technology-related.

Filippo Rean (@filipporean): Filippo is the head of global real estate business accelerators at MIPIM.

Leigh Thomas Brown (@LeighBrown): A serial entrepreneur and real estate influencer with experience as a coach and international speaker.

Sean Carpenter (@seancarp): An influential real estate entrepreneur and speaker, Sean focuses his attention on creating memorable customer experiences, maximizing social and digital media, as well as business planning, leadership and sales.

Carol Staab (@CarolSellsNY): Award-winning and top-ranking real estate broker, TV commentator, and author of Pulse Manhattan Luxury Report, and Luxury Home Selling Mastery.

Don R. Campbell (@DonRCampbell): Amazing real estate research, analyst, speaker, and fellow Canadian. Don has been independently researching and analyzing the real estate markets and the economy since 1993.

Joe Fairless (@joefairless): Joe is host of Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever show, controls over $800M in real estate, is a prolific author, and co-Founder of Ashcroft Capital

Amy Chorew (@amychorew): Amy is the VP of Learning for Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. She is also an investor herself, author, speaker, and REALTOR.

Nobu Hata (@nobuhata): Nobu is the CEO of the Denver Metro Association of REALTORS, and real estate marketing pro, property technology commentator, and startup mentor.

Seth Williams (@retipsterseth): Seth is the founder of the amazing blog REtipster, and a frequent commentator on all things real estate and investing.

Paul Morris (@PaulMarkMorris): Paul is an investor, CEO of his own brokerage, and Keller Williams Regional Director. Paul is also a prolific speaker and wealth-building business coach.

Leslie Ebersole (@leslieebersole): Leslie is the Team Lead for the BRIX Group at eXp Realty, and a frequent commentator on all things real estate.

Diana Olick (@DianaOlick): Diana Olick is a real estate correspondent for @CNBC and her tweets are on-point. We often quote her in our weekly Stessa Newsletter as she is a trusted source in the industry.

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