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17 Best Vacation Rental Accounting Software Options for 2024

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by Jeff Rohde, posted in Investment Strategy

If you’re an Airbnb host or manage properties on other booking platforms, you’ve likely discovered that these online marketplaces, while excellent for getting your property in front of potential guests, aren’t exactly designed to make your life easier when it comes to accounting.

This applies to many traditional short-term rental (STR) tools, too. They can help you manage bookings and maintenance, but they tend to fall short when it’s time to crunch the numbers.

This gap in functionality can leave hosts feeling stranded amid a sea of receipts, invoices, and tax documents–wondering how to navigate the complex waters of vacation rental accounting. Whether it’s tracking income from multiple properties, managing expenses, or preparing for tax season, the right accounting tools can make a world of difference.

But with so many options available, choosing the best accounting software for your vacation rental business can seem daunting.

In this article, we survey the landscape of short-term rental accounting software by reviewing 17 popular solutions:

  1. Stessa
  2. Bookerville
  3. Escapia
  4. Futurestay
  5. Guesty
  6. Hospitable
  7. Hostaway
  8. Hostfully
  9. Hostify
  10. iGMS
  11. Lodgify
  12. Lodgix
  13. MyVRHost
  14. OwnerRez
  15. Smoobu
  16. Tokeet
  17. Uplisting

From automating your bookkeeping tasks to integrating seamlessly with the booking platforms you use, the right software can transform your short-term rental operation, freeing up more time for you to focus on what matters most — providing an exceptional experience for your guests.

We’ll start this review with our own platform, Stessa, used by over 200,000 landlords across the U.S.


Stessa: A tailored solution for STR owners

Software tools that simplify the accounting process while catering to the unique needs of STR owners can significantly reduce the manual work involved in handling a rental’s various transactions.

That’s where Stessa stands out. Its robust accounting features and native accounting and expense-tracking capabilities are expressly designed with rental property owners in mind.

Comprehensive accounting and financial management

Stessa offers an extensive suite of tools, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to efficiently manage the financial aspects of their short-term rentals. In the event that you also manage long-term rentals, Stessa’s capabilities extend beyond bookkeeping to leasing, tenant screening, landlord banking, and even rent collection.

That means Stessa can do more than keep your books in order — it can help streamline every financial aspect of your rental business.

Mobile accessibility and ease of use

Knowing that today’s STR owners are often on the move, Stessa offers a mobile app to scan receipts, categorize income and expenses, and access your financial data. This way, Stessa helps ensure you’re always on top of your finances, no matter where you are. 

Additionally, the app allows users to manage transactions effortlessly and even showcase property photos, so you can easily track multiple properties.

Secure data imports and interactive reporting

One of Stessa’s more noteworthy features is its ability to securely import, categorize, and index expenses from various sources, including banks, lenders, credit cards, and property managers. With this capability, you can save time and reduce the margin for error in your financial reporting. 

Plus, Stessa’s interactive and clickable dashboards and reports provide a clear view of your property’s financial health, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

Designed for all levels of experience

Whether you’re new to the world of vacation rentals or a seasoned investor, Stessa offers tools that cater to your level of expertise. Its ease of use, advanced accounting features, and solid reporting capabilities, all garner positive reviews and have made Stessa the #1 mobile app for landlords.

Moreover, Stessa offers a range of subscription plans, including a free Essentials plan and premium Manage and Pro plans, ensuring a suitable option for every budget.

Unique benefits for STR owners

Unlike most other tools that may require workarounds or external integrations for complete financial management, Stessa provides a seamless experience tailored to the financial tracking and reporting needs of rental property owners. Another unique perk that sets the platform apart is the Stessa Cash Management Visa debit card*, with cashback rewards, offering both convenience and value.

Compared to other software options, Stessa delivers a holistic solution for STR owners seeking to simplify their accounting tasks and gain deeper insight into their rental business’s financial health. With a user-friendly interface, mobile accessibility, and comprehensive features including STR-specific transaction categories, Stessa can be a strategic partner for growing your STR business.

Laptop and mobile screenshot of transactions page

It’s easy to use Stessa for short-term and vacation rental property accounting, and best of all, you can get started with Stessa for free. Here are the steps to follow after signing up for a free Stessa account:

  1. Use the Airbnb file importer to download your transaction history into a CSV format file, then upload the file to your Stessa account. After uploading them, Stessa will automatically categorize most (if not all) the transactions.
  2. Switch the rent roll to “short-term rental” on the Leases & Tenants page. Enter the anticipated nightly rental rate and occupancy for the current calendar year.
  3. Enter your expected monthly operating expenses on the Property Details page as a baseline to compare to your actual expenses incurred.
  4. Connect the bank accounts you use for receiving vacation rental income and paying expenses, along with any credit cards used for short-term rentals. Stessa will automatically categorize existing transactions and, going forward, will automatically sync vacation rental income and expenses. 

Learn more about how to track short-term rentals with Stessa here.


16 other options for vacation rental software

Here are 16 other vacation rental accounting software programs you can consider using for short-term rental property, listed alphabetically.

1. Bookerville

Bookerville is vacation rental software designed to facilitate property management, whether you’re handling a single unit or overseeing thousands. Their website states that over 4.2 million guests have made nearly 670,000 bookings, totaling more than $754 million in revenue.

Accounting features

  • Owner statements showing revenue for each booking
  • Tax reports
  • Expense reports
  • Accounting export reports
  • Import CSV file to Excel, QuickBooks, or any other accounting system


Pricing begins at $60.50/month for 1 unit and up to $445.58/month for 100 units.

2. Escapia

Escapia offers numerous tools to optimize property management and expand your market reach, including a performance dashboard and integrations with over 75 channel and business partners. Owners can list rentals on multiple online platforms and tap into the expansive networks of Vrbo and Expedia Group.

Accounting features

  • Automates and tracks the movement of money across accounts
  • Offers nearly 300 pre-built reports at no extra cost, including daily and weekly accounting reports
  • Completes month- and year-end processes in minutes with dynamic, built-in reporting capabilities
  • Downloads reports to multiple file formats (.xls, .pdf, .csv, .html)


Escapia charges a flat monthly fee based on how many properties you manage. No pricing is available on the website, so you’ll need to call or complete an inquiry form to get a custom quote.

3. Futurestay

Futurestay is an all-encompassing platform for STR owners looking to automate their operations and maximize their earnings. Features include autopilot marketing, dynamic pricing, seamless integration with Google Vacation Rentals, and Airbnb optimization. 

Accounting features

  • Focuses on reservation management, payment processing, and guest reviews
  • Integrates with Airbnb,, and Vrbo
  • Offers no information regarding accounting, and Futurestay’s chat tool doesn’t understand the inquiry


Futurestay’s Amplify plan is $79/month per property after a 30-day free trial.

4. Guesty

Guesty is a hospitality management platform designed to cater to an array of property types, from vacation rentals to B&Bs and outdoor stays. It offers an impressive range of features, including automation tools, channel management, direct booking capabilities, advanced analytics, and unique add-ons like damage protection and price optimization.

Accounting features

  • End-to-end cash management
  • Tailored reporting to create personal financial reports
  • Automated accounting to help reduce the risk of errors
  • Integration with most 3rd-party apps


The Lite plan starts at $39/month for 1–3 listings or $27/month with annual billing. The Pro plan is for 4–199 listings, and the Enterprise plan is for 200+ listings. Contact Guesty for Pro and Enterprise plan pricing quotes.

The Pro and Enterprise plans include Guesty Accounting with an interface built to simplify complex accounting tasks. 

5. Hospitable

Hospitable provides vacation rental software to streamline property management. The platform automates guest communication, calendar synchronization, and team collaboration. With direct booking capabilities, resources for business growth, and seamless integrations with essential tools and Airbnb,, and Vrbo, it stands out for its highly rated reviews.

Accounting features

  • 3rd-party accounting integrations include Clearing, VRPlatform, and Owners
  • Offers no information on the website about the availability of accounting reports on the platform


Pricing begins at $40/month for up to 2 properties after a 14-day free trial. After that, pay only for properties where a check-in occurred in the past 30 days. Per their website, pricing is due to increase in April 2024. 

6. Hostaway

Hostaway helps landlords automate and optimize vacation rental operations across major platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, and Expedia. With a suite of advanced features, including property management, seamless communication tools, detailed analytics, and over 100 integration partners, the platform aims to offer reliable technology and tailor-made solutions.

Accounting features

  • Owner statements with the option of adding attachments and expenses
  • Aggregated financial reporting to calculate gross and net margins
  • Expense tracking using custom formulas and automation
  • 3rd-party integration with over one dozen accounting apps, including Ximplifi, Google Sheets, QuickBooks, and VRPlatform


Pricing is available by inquiry only, and there are no free trials due to the time it takes to set up an account.

7. Hostfully

Hostfully offers an extensive suite of tools such as a channel manager, central calendar, unified inbox, and a direct booking website, alongside features like automation and a mobile app. Its unique digital guidebooks elevate the guest experience by delivering essential information, personalized local recommendations, and access to additional services through the Guidebook Marketplace.

Accounting features

  • DIY accounting feature with data export to .csv or .html
  • Built-in integrations with 3rd-party apps Ximplifi connector, QuickBooks, and Sage Intacct
  • A full-service account with 3rd-party apps Ximplifi and Extenteam Accounting Services
  • Financial reports available with all pricing plans


Pricing begins with the Starter Plan at $119/month for 1 property. The Pro plan is $215/month for up to 11 listings, while the Pro Plus plan is $269/month for up to 19 listings. There is a 10% discount for annual billing. Custom pricing is available for 20 listings or more.

Digital Guidebooks pricing ranges from $0 to $9.99/month for 1 guidebook, with a 10% discount available for annual billing.

8. Hostify

Hostify vacation rental property management software includes a multi-calendar, channel manager, unified inbox, smart automation, and customizable booking website. The platform helps owners simplify operations with 24/7 premium support and seamless channel integration.

Accounting features

  • Trust accounting, expense management, bookkeeping, payments, owner statements, reporting, and analytics through 3rd-party integration with Clearing
  • Payment processing with 3rd-party apps like Stripe, PayPal, and


Pricing begins at $100/month for 5 units with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Owners with 1 property can access the platform only through an annual subscription of $1,000/year. There are no onboarding fees, and you can cancel anytime.

9. iGMS

The key features of iGMS include its automated guest reviews and messaging system, detailed task assignment and monitoring for teams, seamless payment processing, invoicing capabilities, and a centralized platform for guest communication—all accessible via a user-friendly mobile app.

Accounting features

  • Monthly revenue report
  • Reservations report
  • Tasks report
  • Payouts report
  • Integrates with 3rd-party apps, including Beyond and Stripe
  • Financial reporting with Flex, Pro, and Enterprise pricing plans


The Host pricing plan starts at $27/month per property. The Flex pricing plan is $1/booked night, and the Pro plan starts at $40/month per property. All plans have a 14-day trial and a 10% discount for annual billing. 

10. Lodgify

Lodgify’s suite of tools includes a proprietary website builder tailored for vacation rentals, a robust channel manager, and an intuitive booking system designed to maximize direct bookings. Unique to the platform are customizable templates to create SEO-optimized websites effortlessly and seamless synchronization of calendars and reservations across multiple platforms, enabling secure credit card payments.

Accounting features

  • Tracks income and payments
  • Generates invoices and statements
  • Integrates with 3rd-party apps, including Clearing and Zapier


Starter plan pricing begins at $17/month plus a 1.9% booking fee. The Professional plan starts at $48/month and the Ultimate plan at $73/month with no booking fee. Discounts are available for annual and two-year billing. All plans have a 7-day free trial with no setup fees.

11. Lodgix

Lodgix distinguishes itself in the vacation rental software arena with its user-friendly, web-based management solutions, prioritizing ease of use, flexibility, and direct integration with leading channels like Vrbo and Airbnb. Unique features include its WordPress website builder plugin, open REST API for simple website creation, and a free 30-day trial without setup fees, contracts, or credit card information.

Accounting features

  • Income detail
  • Income summary
  • Rental expenses
  • Receivables
  • Owner statements
  • 3rd-party integration with QuickBooks Online (optional)


Pricing begins at $69.99/month for up to 7 properties, plus additional fees for channel connections. The optional QuickBooks sync module costs an extra $20/month, and the Property Management Module is an additional $24.99/month.

12. MyVRHost

MyVRHost is dedicated to helping property owners amplify their rental income through expert services and advanced technology. It stands out for its all-encompassing approach, offering professional listing creation, strategic marketing across major booking platforms, meticulous guest screening, and dynamic pricing strategies, backed by a commitment to 24/7 booking and guest support.

Accounting features

  • Full-service management to help owners grow revenue via MyVRHost’s sales team
  • Bookings and historical performance on owner portal
  • Available in limited service areas in California, Nevada, Washington State, New York, and Nashville


Fees range from 10–20%, depending on your needs. For a pricing quote, book a free consultation on the website.

13. OwnerRez

The OwnerRez suite of features includes seamless channel and property management, streamlined payment processing, messaging, comprehensive accounting, integrations, websites, CRM, and reporting. The platform has received 5-star reviews on sites like Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot.

Accounting features

  • Offers a wide variety of reports, including payments and expense detail and summary
  • Exports data to Excel and CSV files
  • Integrates with 3rd-party apps such as QuickBooks, Clearing, and VRPlatform


Pricing begins at $40/month for 1 property, with unlimited bookings, no setup or booking fees, and a 14-day free trial.

14. Smoobu

Smoobu provides vacation rental software designed specifically by hosts for hosts. Unique features include dynamic pricing, smart lock integration, and multilingual 5-star support, combined with essentials like channel management, automated guest communication, and a free customizable booking website, which make it a good option for property managers looking to streamline operations and enhance guest experiences.

Accounting features

  • Integrates with the 3rd-party app Rental Ninja to help with finances and bookkeeping at an additional cost of about $16.33/month for 1 unit
  • Includes accounting reports like net income, income bookings, income fees, and commissions paid


Smoobu offers 3 pricing plans, each with a 14-day free trial: The free Basic plan (without the channel manager), the Professional plan starting at $31.29/month for 1 unit, and the Team plan starting at $214.71/month for 1 unit. Discounts are available for yearly and two-year billing.

15. Tokeet

Tokeet distinguishes itself with a robust suite of automation tools to facilitate channel management, booking workflows, and service coordination. Its unique offerings, such as seamless channel synchronization, document signing capabilities, and extensive performance analytics, can help owners and managers elevate their operations and increase bookings and profitability.

Accounting features

  • Integrates with the 3rd-party app Power Reporting in the App Store
  • Keeps track of your company’s KPIs
  • Automates accounting, owner payouts, and invoices for rental owners and providers


Pricing begins at $14.99/month for 1 rental, with a 20% discount available for annual billing and a 15-day free trial. There are no booking or usage fees. The company offers a free plan, but it has limited features. 

16. Uplisting

Uplisting offers an all-in-one software to maximize revenue and streamline operations for short-term rental managers. The platform provides a blend of channel management, innovative direct booking capabilities, and time-saving automation designed to deliver consistent 5-star guest experiences.

Accounting features

  • Includes owner statements for daily occupancy and revenue, expense tracking, and custom management fee formulas
  • Integrates with the 3rd-party app Clearing to provide accounting and automated bookkeeping software for STR managers


Pricing begins at $20/month per property, with a 10% discount for annual billing. Client management portal and client statement modules are available separately at $6/month per property.


*Stessa is not a bank. Stessa is a financial technology company. Terms and conditions, features and pricing are subject to change. This article, and the Stessa Blog in general, is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and is not investment, tax, financial planning, financial, legal, or real estate advice.


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